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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Mau dapat uang? main aja game petualangan Donjons and tresors. Game ini mengisahkan tentang mencari emas dan emas yang kita kumpulkan akan diverifikasi menjadi dollars. Di dalam game ini kita harus melawan monster2 di dungeon. Game ini asyik dan gratis lagi, jadi tunggu apalagi, klik aja di bawah ini

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hati-hati…nama Bank bisa ber-macam2….
Barusan dapat cerita bahwa temennya temen kena tipu Kartu Kredit Niaga…..
Orang yang menipu itu menelpon mengaku dari Kartu Kredit Niaga mau memberi hadiah voucher terus mau mengantar ke rumah, kemudian “menanyakan alamat”.
Sesampainya di rumah, orang ini mengeluarkan mesin Kartu Kredit (warna
kuning katanya) alat untuk Check keabsahan Kartu Kredit….
Kemudian oknum ini meminta Kartu Kredit Niaga tersebut untuk dicheck di mesin itu…..
(Memang ada Voucher yang diberikan berupa Voucher Pulsa senilai Rp 100.000,-)
Namun ternyata begitu ada tagihan (BillStatement) limit Kartu Kredit nya sudah dikuras habis.
Dan baru 2 hari yang lalu Saudaranya ditelpon juga oknum tersebut mengaku dari Citibank dengan alasan mau anter “Voucher” juga, untungnya dia sudah mendengar cerita dari temannya tersebut,
jadi saudaranya sudah mengetahui penipuan modus baru ini..
Nb: hati2 kartu atm juga bisa digesek dengan mesin ini, mesin ini adalah mesin magnetic card reader & writer, sehingga mesin ini bisa membaca data dalam magnetic stripe kartu debit anda & menduplikasikannya.
Sehingga uang dalam rekening tabungan anda akan dikuras, seolah2 anda sudah berbelanja atau melakukan transfer ke rekening si penipu.

 Info ini saya peroleh dari Fitri Syamsah.

Friday, May 17, 2013


In this article, I will tell the real story and that there was a miracle exists. Here's the story:

In a city, there is a religious figure who got an high science and highly respected by the community, call Mr. X. Mr X was patient,
neighborly, and love to help others. One day, Mr. X had guests, call Mr. A. Mr A's intentions are asking for donations of money by a certain amount to finish building the mosque. Mr. X agreed, then ask God to be able to help Mr A. When finished praying, about 5 minutes later, there was another guest, call it Mr. B entered the house of Mr X in order to donate a certain amount of money by having just got a great fortune. Mr X told Mr B to give the money to Mr A. And oddly enough, the amount of money donated by Mr B SAME exact required by Mr A.

The above story is totally true. What do you think? Do you have a story or an experience like the above story, share it with me. Thank you.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Here I will explain how the charity can get more reward. It can be categorized into two parts, namely:

  •      Charity with "sincerity"

For example: Mr X and Mr Y equally as donate money at a charity event. But Mr X always remember and tell people that he is contributing. While Mr Y patiently, no strings attached, and give the money to help others. Mr Y would get more reward from Mr X.

  •      Charity with "receiving benefits".

For example: There are 3 guys that are familiar and are like brothers, call it A, B, C. C has a character that is not good, that like to gamble. Much debt and can not pay. Forced B to ask for help to repay the debt and B pay for it  . But C is not a deterrent and continue to gamble again piling up debt. C back to ask for help, this time to A. A willing to help repay the debt on condition that C should not gamble again and re-live "normal". C finally realized and return to the right path thanks to the guidance and advice of A. A and B at the same get a reward, but reward A is greater than B.

This article discusses how to donate in order to get more reward.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


In their daily lives, many ways in which the robbers to carry out the action. Below is the only way that made ​​the robbers.
When an unknown person comes and offers the latest products with the brand of tea, which he said could cure all diseases, and that person tells you to kiss the aroma of tea, DO NOT even once you smell it, because at the Tea packaging is already in the mix of drugs. When you smell it, you will be unconscious and you will be a victim of robbery.

If you've read this article, please spread this information to you or your friends so that we remain vigilant in this life.

Posted by Edi Sutikno at 7:49 PM
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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Every people would want a happy home life and harmony. In the foster family, must always be a problem, there is a small or big. Every family has a problem that is different.
There are several ways to create a happy and harmonious family:

  • honesty

Honesty is very important and needed in a foster home. Once you are not honest either the husband or the wife, for example, cheating will have a negative impact on the family. I'm sure your family will fall apart and will likely divorce.

  • often communicate

Communication within the family is also required to strengthen the marital relationship. If you are able to exchange ideas with your husband or wife. For a husband or wife who works out of town or overseas, you should frequently communicate via phone or short message service.

  • Playing with children

Children are a source of happiness in the family. When there is free time, take the kids to play, could be at home or outside the home (supermarket, park, etc.). For those who are married and have not a baby yet, I pray so quickly have a children.

The several ways above is my personal experience. Actually there are many other ways to create a happy and harmonious family or maybe anyone have any other thoughts, please add in the comments, thank you

Posted by Edi Sutikno at 8:14 AM
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


This article will discuss what should our attitude to face the test in this life. I have a real story to describe it.

In a city, there is a very rich and should be said of the city's most wealthy. Call it Mr. X. Mr X is, his stingy and never do good. One day, there is a beggar  filthy, dirty and smelly. This beggars come and ask for money to Mr. X, Mr. X did not give him yet. But these beggars do not go and ask again, but not money, just have a glass of plain water. But again and again, Mr. X did not give him and kicked the beggar. Beggar went away and MR X continues to see and make sure of the beggar is really gone. But the miracle appears, the beggar suddenly disappeared. Seeing the incident, Mr X was shocked and surprised. Since the incident, the business of Mr. X continues to decline and eventually went bankrupt. Do you know who the real beggars? Prophet Hidir beggar is disguised as a beggar.

The real story of the story above, we can take a lesson that we must learn to be patient and often frequent charity.
Hopefully by reading this article, will always remind us for more charity and helping fellow human beings.
Posted by Edi Sutikno at 7:53 PM
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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Before answering the above question, let's define what exactly is it reincarnation?
Reincarnation or rebirth is a life that will "come" after the man died.
All human beings are born surely one day will die which will be followed by suffering.
Equally as human beings are born through the mother's uterus. But no one's death is not the same, there are dead sick, dead parents, dead collisions. There is one important thing that is NOT SUICIDE. People who commit suicide, his spirit will be miserable and constantly haunts. No matter how hard life, we have to survive and not be killed himself.

According to Buddhism, there are 3 life:
     LAST past life  
     Life NOW
     Life to come (Reincarnation)

Reincarnation has a very close relationship with karma.
In life"past", good or bad karma will have an impact or will feel in life "now". If in life "past" a person of many to do good, helpful, etc. then that person will get good karma in life "now", would get wealth, happiness, could be a famous person, the rank, etc. Opposite, if in life "past" often do evil, then in life "now", would be miserable, could be a beggar, poor, disabled, etc.

Therefore, if you want to live "good" in life who will "come", then from now, you have a lot to do good.

What do you think?

Posted by Edi Sutikno at 6:19 PM
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In our daily life, charity means synonymous with the rich and have to spend a lot of money to help others. Actually a lot of charity without having to spend money, for example to get rid of rocks in the road, helping parents take across the road, providing seating for pregnant women, etc..

In today's world, many people do good for a purpose, that want to be famous and in praise, the wrong deeds. True charity is giving something, either in the form of money or services with sincerity and without strings attached.

Therefore, let us help fellow human beings with the power to set aside a little money and with sincerity of our stock in the hereafter. How about you, have you donate?

Posted by Edi Sutikno  at 6:24 PM
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Monday, April 22, 2013


If you are traveling alone and are waiting for relatives or friends in a public place, such as terminals, bus stops, etc. Suddenly there are people you do not know come up to you, both pretend and give drink to you. DO NOT even once you drink the drink, for in it was in mixed drinks dope. And if you drink, you immediately fall asleep and you could be a victim of theft. This mode is often used ole thief.

Tips to tackle the above problem is:

     REJECT the drink to the reason you are not thirsty or if you happen to bring your own drink, just say I've got and GO AWAY and escape of the person. 

I hope this brief article can remind us all to always BEWARE.

Posted by Edi Sutikno at 12:01 AM
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Saturday, April 20, 2013


The purpose of life of all human beings is looking for happiness, both material and spiritual happiness.  Material happiness could be the daily needs, money, buy a house, car, medical expenses, children's education, and so on. Whereas spiritual happiness can be a household harmony, children filial, no enemies, and so on. But is happiness above can get easily? of course not, there are always obstacles and each person is different obstacles.

 In this world always follow the rules of Im and Yang, for example, there is day and night, bad and good,  rich and poor, etc. We as human being must work hard and pray in order to achieve happiness above. Life in this world is only temporary. Life is actually like as people who should be in school live by each individual. Teacher in schools is like the prophets who guide, brief on the lessons that must be run in order to pass the exam. And every man is certainly different exam, there are heavy and light. 

Confucius, a great philosopher of China teaches human life should always take the path CENTRAL, do not be TOO, for example, too greedy, too angry, too full, too angry, too excited, and so on. All that too will ruin our lives such as health, power of thought, and our vigilance. If we hold the MIDDLE
means that we know the meaning SATISFIED grateful for what we get and we make no overbearing. Arrogance will make people will fall into poverty and misery.

This cycle of real life :


The essence of the purpose of life in this world is to work hard, pray, and be grateful for the blessing and grace of Almighty God.                                        

  Posted by: Edi Sutikno at 10:02 PM                        
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


                               IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!

If you ride at night and on the way your car throwing eggs by someone, what would you do?

  •      DO NOT operate the wiper or spray water. Egg when mixed with water will turn milky and it will hinder your vision up to 92.5%! You will be forced to stop on the side of the road and the risk could be victims of robbery. This new mode is in use by robbers on the road.
  •      KEEP ROADS and find a safe place, such as the nearest police.

I hope this info useful

Saturday, April 13, 2013



Is it true that the law of karma exists?

Before answering the above questions, we have to know the meaning of the law of karma.
The law of karma is good or bad deeds will be undertaken with the intention of seed will be stored in the nature of consciousness. Good seed will produce good fruit, while a bad seed will produce bad fruit.

In modern times, many people assume that the law of karma is just a fairy tale. In this scientific era is the era that just need EVIDENCE, not a story or a fairy tale that can not be proved. But that view is wrong, because a lot of things that can not be proven by science, for example God. Until doomsday, God can not be explained by science.

The law of karma there. The law of karma that will apply to every human being. Only TIME will determine one's karma and it could come tomorrow, next month, or next year, no one knows, except God the All-knowing.

 I hope this article can be useful, thank you

Friday, April 12, 2013


Here tips for healthy living:

1. Exercise
The best exercise is walking. Walking at least 30 minutes every day. Keep on doing every day, if you do not have time, in doing 3 or 4 times a week.

2. Do not eat fatty foods in excess
We may eat fatty foods, but do not overdo it. People that have eaten the tasty meal (exact fatty foods) is definitely overrated. Therefore, we should be able to refrain from eating fatty foods in excess.

3. Eating too full
Eating too full is not good for health. Try if we eat too full, which will surely upset stomach. When done continuously and long will cause disease. Eat enough.

4. Enough sleep
Man if lack of sleep will cause lack of concentration, lethargy, fatigue and less passionate. And if done in a long time, will lead to diseases such as liver, heart and brain damage. Try sleep at least 6-8 hours a day.

5. Expand eat fruits and vegetables
  But for those who have high blood pressure or hypertension, you should not eat cassava leaves and durian excessive.

6. Drink unsweetened tea
Drink unsweetened tea in trust can flex and improving blood circulation.

7. Do not stress
Stress can lead to various diseases. Everyone must have experienced stress. We should be able to handle it with positive thinking.

I hope this brief article can useful.


Meditation is necessary to empty the mind in order to relieve stress and calm our inner being.
Meditation with sitting meditation is actually also an exercise that we can realize how we should behave in life sehari2, as with sitting meditation and emptying the mind, to let go of all hatred, lust anger, envy, etc..
At the beginning of our meditation, the important thing is how we can concentrate. The sense of concentration it is our focus on an object, so that over time we can describe the shape of objects in our minds, and we have to close my eyes and concentrate on the shape of objects that we described in our minds

Most ordinary people do not appreciate VOID, they better appreciate the FORM. But that is not shaped or EMPTY even more sublime, more noble, examples invisible God, but more lofty and more noble. Day to day in life, give it a ZERO more usability than the form. For example, glass ceramics, perhaps most people only see the visible part only, the model is good, beautiful colors, his paintings are captivating, but it benefits no glass in the empty spaces, as if the glass does not have the blank, certainly can not be used to drink.

So with our meditation practice will provide a number of utility and usability to achieve spiritual perfection.



We all certainly want to be successful, but can it succeed? if we want to succeed, we must be able to combine the key to success in the fourth. Combining the four keys to success is not easy, it will go through a very long process. There is no word for instant success. Instant noodles are still having to go through the process of boiling, can be given new spice in the meal.
Many successful people in the world, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.. All the success they achieve is not a coincidence. Process they are going through a very tough and takes a very long time. They continue to strive tirelessly and gave up. It was all to achieve their dreams.

We are in the business, in addition to the hard work and prayer, as well to be honest and patient. An example of store A and store B at the same type of hard worker and always pray and also happened to be equally as selling the same product. But store A, honest and patient person in the buyer, whereas store B opposite. I'm sure, store A MORE successful than store B.

To achieve success, it is not easy, we have learned and continue to learn to be successful in order to achieve a better future. Have you got another ways to success? just share it on my comment. Thanks.

Good luck to all.



Meaning fanatic is actually higher than one's ego. A person with high ego will NEVER appreciate or respect the opinions / perceptions of others, with the trivial want to own victory.

I have a story to describe it.
There is a righteous man but fanatical, let's call him Tony. Tony live in a quiet and peaceful village. One day his village suddenly flooded and water was up to my knees. Tony invite neighbors to evacuate. But he says: "Thank you, I'm sure God will help me with it God's way, please evacuate themselves". He's still asking for the support of God. Not long after the water has reached the extent of the hip and neighbors happen to ride a boat passes in front of his house. Neighbors are invited Tony to evacuate, and climb into the boat.
 But Tony refused to answer the same. Tony continue to endlessly pray ceaselessly. And then, water was up to his neck and there just so happens that the rescue team with a helicopter ride Tony invite speakers to evacuate. But again Tony rejected. Tony continue to pray and ask God to provide miracles. But what happened? Tony drowned and his spirit hovering kite and met angels. Tony angry and said: I have faithfully and pray for help from God, but why God did not help me. Behind the angel angry and said: "Lord see it and send the loyalty as much as 3 times, but you reject it all. It's all your fault, not God's fault".
So basically we should not fanatics and have respect for each other and respect the opinions / perceptions of others.

 I hope this article can be useful. Thank you.



In this life, we must take a stand, both in time trouble and luck. When we get into trouble, do not need to be anxious and desperate, may be a disaster because it will only bring benefits to the advancement of our souls. Conversely, if we get a windfall, do not be too proud and do not be too excited to forget the land, because of the possibility of luck is only temporary and will soon turn into misery.Here there is a story to illustrate our attitude in the face of life. Here's the story:

In a village, there is a family consisting of father, mother, 1 boy and 1 girl. Call it the father with Eddie. Eddie is a mysticism that has high enough, patient disposition, generous, and compassionate so that his neighbors sympathetic to him.
In someday, Eddie bought a good horse at a cheap price, many neighbors came to see the horses. Everything praising the horse and congratulate me on that fortune. But Eddie humbly says not be too excited because fortune and disasters come and go.
Three days later, the horse was off his leash and ran into the woods, despite being in the chase, but the horse disappeared into the woods. The neighbors came to express regret for the loss of the horse. But Eddie says no need to regret because people can profit and loss.
Four days later, Eddie's horse returned with two wild horses, saw the horse returned, they were immediately arrested and input into the cage. Back home in the meet Eddie, neighbors to congratulate fortune comes. But Eddie replied: "do not be too excited, profits and losses flow received with the same feeling".
Five days later, her son fell from a horse and broke his leg. The neighbors came expressed grief over the accident. But Eddie stay patient and believe that such natural disasters.
Three days later, the villagers uproar since news that the village in an atmosphere of war. The government issued an emergency laws for all the young lads in the village had to go to war. Villagers son accompany her son with tears. Eddie can draw a sigh of relief, because his son had broken his leg just released to the battlefield. By listening to the story above, we can draw the conclusion, that if we got trouble, do not be too anxious or discouraged, we should be able to withstand the distress. Conversely, if we get lucky, do not get too excited and arrogant. The feeling we should be teaching CENTRAL like Confucianism.